Department of Geography


Dr Paul Farres

  • Qualifications: University of Reading, Bsc Geography with Geology. University of Reading, Ph.D. Digital simulation of the rain splash erosion process.
  • Role Title: Visiting Research Fellow
  • Address: Department of Geography, Buckingham Building, Lion Terrace, Portsmouth, PO1 3HE
  • Telephone: N/A
  • Email:
  • Department: Geography
  • Faculty: Science


I am a visiting research fellow at the University of Portsmouth. I am a member of the British Society for Geomorphology and the International Soils Science Society.


Generally, the role soil plays in understanding landscape configuration and history. Specifically, soils erosion, models of soil genesis, soilscapes past and present, hardware approaches to issues in physical geography. In addition, my love of mathematics has fostered my interest in mathematical models in physical geography.

Current Research Projects

My major activity at present is directed towards the development of two books; Particle sizes in earth surface materials; measurement, display and description and Understanding soils by example.

I also have research interests in Malta, specifically palaeosoils and Quaternary deposits. Apart from their own significance these studies also help inform the research conducted by colleagues within the Department, specifically their understanding of other aspects of the Malta landscape (D. Mottershead and M. Bray).

Recently I have begun to consider soils in a far more general way and I am at present developing a series of conceptual models that allows the significance of soils to be set in the context of landscape evolution.