School of Mathematics and Physics

The School of Mathematics and Physics brings together academics, researchers and students to study a range of disciplines from applied mathematics and physics to modern astrophysics and cosmology

What we offer

  • Study mathematics or physics in a supportive environment

    We offer honours bachelor's degrees in mathematics or mathematics related subjects including financial mathematics, statistics, or operational research and logistics. We also offer an integrated Master's degree in mathematics. Our physics and our physics, astrophysics and cosmology degree courses also offer the opportunity to continue straight to postgraduate level.

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    Study mathematics or physics in a supportive environment
  • Undergraduate ambassador scheme

    Our students are offered the option to undertake a placement in a local school. Placements offer firsthand experience of mathematics education through a mentor scheme supported by mathematics teachers, and with classes ranging from Key Stage 2 to A Level.

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    Undergraduate ambassador scheme
  • A year in industry

    More than 50% of employers actively recruit graduates who have relevant work experience. So, taking an optional yearlong placement is an excellent way to get ahead in the job hunt. Our Student Placement and Employability Centre (SPEC) is dedicated to setting your career on the right course.

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    A year in industry
  • Maths Café

    The Maths Café is a daily drop-in facility, available to any student of the University where you can receive help on any maths or stats problem you encounter in your studies. We also provide handouts on key topics and computer aided learning packages.

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    Maths Café

General enquiries

Contact the Computing, Mathematics and Physics (CMP) admin office