School of Mathematics and Physics


Nonlinear and Complex Systems

Artwork by Dr Andrew Burbanks, University of Portsmouth

Our Nonlinear and Complex Systems researchers are engaged in research and supervision in the field of dynamical systems. Some of our recent projects include the study of:

  • Aspects of Hamiltonian dynamics
  • Chaos and integrability from an algebraic viewpoint
  • Gilbert Tessellations
  • Geometry and Chaos
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Network Structure and Collective Behaviour
  • Physics of super cooled gases
  • Solar Sails
  • Statistical Physics
  • Transitions to strange non-chaotic behaviour

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Logistics, Operational Research and Analytics

Our Logistics, Operational Research and Analytics Research Group members conduct and supervise research in the fields of:

  • Distance metric optimisation
  • Goal programming theory and algorithms
  • Goal programming applications
  • Multiple objective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs)
  • Reverse logistics
  • Transport and vehicle routing

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Logistics and Operational Research Group

Industrial Mathematics

Group Leader William Lee with Jimmy Doherty for Food Unwrapped, Series 4, Episode 6 (Channel 4)

The Industrial Mathematics Group focusses on developing, analysing and solving mathematical models relevant to industrial problems.

Often working in collaboration with industry to develop bespoke models for specific processes, we have collaborated with companies including J&J, Phillips, General Motors and Analog Devices. As well as well-known multinationals, we also work with smaller companies and start-ups.

Group members also carry out independent research and publish original work in mathematical modelling and numerical methods.

Work by members of the group has been recognised in articles by the BBC, Economist (winning the 2012 Babbage award for Bizzare-Boffinry), Wall Street Journal and by Knowledge Transfer Ireland (winning the 2017 Consultancy Award for work with Rusal Aughinish Alumina).

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Applied Physics

Applied physics
  • Applied Advanced Materials Research
  • Cosmology and Gravitation
  • Quantum Theory
  • Particle Physics
  • Physics Education
  • Environmental Radiation

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Postgraduate Research Degrees

The Department of Mathematics offers research degrees in the general areas of Logistics, Operational Research and Analytics, Non-Linear and Complex Systems and Industrial Mathematics. For more information, please email Professor Andrew Osbaldestin or Dr Andrew Burbanks.

There's a wide selection of research degrees for you to choose from at the University of Portsmouth, including PhD, MPhil and MRes options. 

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