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Dr Hooshyar Assadullahi

  • Role Title: Senior Lecturer
  • Address: Burnaby Building Burnaby Road Portsmouth PO1 3QL
  • Telephone: 023 9284 2257
  • Email:
  • Department: SEES
  • Faculty: Faculty of Science


I am a lecturer in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Teaching Responsibilities

Solid State Physics, Waves and Optics and Applications and Impacts of Physics to level 6,5 and 4 for physics students. I also teach Mathematical Engineering to level 5 Engineering courses as well as Probability and Statistics to Postgraduate and Undergraduate Geohazard students.


My overall area of research interest is early universe cosmology, in particular aspects of non-linear cosmological perturbations related to observational cosmology.

Non-Gaussianity (deviations from an exactly Gaussian distribution of the primordial density perturbation) and gravitational waves (tensor perturbation) are two aspects of cosmological perturbation which bridge between theoretical cosmology and observation.

Their possible detection would help us to identify physical processes at work in the early Universe models. Establishing the early universe model will able us to give greater clarity to the late universe problems like dark energy.


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