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Professor Djamila Ouelhadj

  • Qualifications: BSC MSc PhD
  • Role Title: Professor of Operational Research
  • Address: Lion Gate Building, Lion Terrace, Portsmouth PO1 3HF UK
  • Telephone: +44 (0)23 9284 6355
  • Email:
  • Department: Department of Mathematics
  • Faculty: Faculty of Technology


I am a Professor of Operational Research and a member of the Logistics, Operational Research and Analytics Research Group (LORA) in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Portsmouth. I am also the Course Leader of MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

My main research interests are Operational Research and the development of novel mathematical optimisation models, advanced meta-heuristic methods, and intelligent decision support systems for automatically producing high-quality solutions to a wide range of real-world optimisation, scheduling and logistics problems. Real world problems include manufacturing, healthcare, personal scheduling, vehicle routing and transportation, supply chain and production management, sustainability and renewable energy, etc.

I have carried out successful research in Operational Research since 1995. I received my PhD from the University of Nottingham. I then worked as a researcher and a lecturer for six years in the Automated Scheduling, Optimisation and Planning Research group (ASAP) at the University of Nottingham. I have chaired the scheduling stream in OR53, OR54, and OR55. I have organised several Southern Operational Society Workshops on Optimisation and Scheduling in healthcare, and Logistics and Transportation.

I am a co-investigator on several EU grants: SEABILLA which entailed applying Operational Research methodologies to sea-border security, 2OM and LEANWIND that involve the application of Operational Research methodologies to optimise the operations and maintenance procedures of offshore wind farms. I am also a co-investigator on several Technology Strategy Board (TSB) grants, and the principal investigator on a Higher Education Investment Framework (HEIF) funded project to launch an Operational Research centre at the University of Portsmouth.

I am the Southern Regional Representative to the General Council of the Operational Research Society and a member of the Operational Research Society, UK.

Teaching Responsibilities

Course Leader

  • MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Undergraduate teaching

  • Unit Coordinator, Modern Computational Methods for Logistics and Operational Research
  • Unit Lecturer, Scheduling and Planning
  • Unit Lecturer, Modelling for Operational Research and Logistics

Postgraduate teaching

  • Unit Lecturer, Operations Management
  • Unit Coordinator, Logistics Modelling
  • Unit Lecturer, Planning and Scheduling

PhD External Examiner

  • University of Toulouse, France
  • University of Essex, UK
  • University of Nottingham, UK
  • University of Catalonia, Spain
  • University of Kent, UK


  • Automated optimisation and scheduling
  • Heuristics, meta-heuristics, and hyper-heuristics for combinatorial optimisation and scheduling problems: Exploration and development of heuristics, meta-heuristics, hyper-heuristics, evolutionary algorithms, and multi-objective methods to solve complex real world optimisation, scheduling, and Logistics problems. Examples of applications: Manufacturing, Timetabling, Nurse Rostering, Vehicle Routing, Grid Computing, Robotics, etc
  • Cooperative and parallel search methodologies: cooperative and parallel meta-heuristics and hyper-heuristics
  • Agent-based scheduling
  • Intelligent decision support systems
  • Multi-agent systems and software agents
  • Applications: Logistics, Transportation and vehicle routing, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Manufacturing and Production Scheduling, Healthcare, Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Current Research Projects

  • 2OM: Offshore Operations and Maintenance Operations. This EU Interreg IV (Channel) project is a collaboration between the Universities of Le Havre, Portsmouth, and Plymouth and the CRITTL laboratory. Further details are available at
  • PhD project: Fairness in Operational Research
  • PhD project: Coordination buyer and supplier with vendor managed inventory from the net present value perspective
  • PhD project: Dynamic vehicle routing
  • PhD project: Flexibility analysis on a supply chain contract: optimal and heuristic solutions
  • PhD project: A generic agent-based cooperative search framework for combinatorial optimisation

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