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Our psychology degrees are well received by a wide range of graduate employers because of their broad content, depth and coverage of a wide range of approaches, providing much sought-after work-relevant abilities. As well as subject-specific knowledge, you will develop skills in communication, numeracy, teamwork, critical thinking, computing and independent learning – all of which are valued by employers. Many of the subject-specific skills such as research design, methodology, data measurement and analysis also have direct application in professions outside of psychology.

Recent graduates from our courses have entered a wide variety of graduate careers including:

  • Teaching (children and young adults)
  • Health associated professions
  • Social welfare
  • Police work
  • Research
  • Marketing / market research
  • Human resources
  • Prison / probation service
  • Counselling
  • Advertising
  • Management schemes

Each year, around one in five of our students also go on to study further postgraduate qualifications such as an MA, MSc or PhD. So whatever career path appeals to you, you can choose between using the degree as the first step in your career as a professional psychologist or as a more general springboard to a wide range of people-oriented occupations.

Here are some examples of where our graduates are now:

  • Becca Hutchins
    Becca Hutchins
    Studied: BSc (Hons) Psychology
    Current job: Road Safety Psychologist

    After finishing her degree, Becca went on to secure a graduate position at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) in Crowthorne, Berkshire, working for the Road safety Group. The group has expertise in behavioural change, risk management, road safety strategy and policy and accident data analysis. Becca Specialises in qualitative research – largely interviews and focus groups and has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects such as: electric vehicles, learner drivers, older and disabled drivers, cyclists, the UK driving test and the UK motorcycle test.

    When I first started at TRL, I had no idea how a psychology degree would fit in with ‘creating the future of transport’, but it really does – hands on research studies, SPSS data analysis and report writing is happening all the time here! I’ve worked on a variety of different projects and I specialise in qualitative research – largely interviews and focus groups, which I love, because you get to hear so many interesting stories and then piece it all together to answer important research questions.

  • Chris Bayliss
    Chris Bayliss
    Studied: BSc (Hons) Psychology
    Current job: Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

    After graduating from Portsmouth University, Chris decided to continue his studies at Trinity College Dublin on a two-year Masters course. Chris qualified as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, and is set to start work with young adults with autism working towards engaging them with the community and aiding them in becoming more independent. 

    The greatest benefit of this line of work is the chance to contribute in an environment where the application of theory can immeasurably improve someone’s life (even in the face of adversity). Retrospectively, I can appreciate the time and effort I donated to my undergraduate degree which acted as a springboard to my future career path – given the opportunity I would go back and make the exact same decisions again.

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