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ICRFP 2Oth Anniversary Celebration

ICRFP 2Oth Anniversary Celebration

In October 2017 our research centre is 20 years old!! Hard to believe after our humble beginnings back in 1997. We are having a celebration on October 11th which highlights how much our research has influenced a wide variety of forensic practice.

Alongside talks from our academic members (Claire Nee, Aldert Vrij, Lorraine Hope; Adrian Needs, Dominic Pearson) we will have co-presenters from the practitioner/corporate world including:

Mr Mark Fallon - Former US Dept of Homeland Security Executive and US Dept of Defense Counterterrorism Official 
Ms Amy Ford - Portsmouth City Council IPV Policy/Practice Coordinator 
Mr Dave Blocksidge - Former trainer at SCO19 Metropolitan Police 
Ms Claire Foster - Direct Line/Churchill Insurance PR

All presentations will be available on the web after the event. 

Order of events

10am Coffee and registration
10.15am  Welcome Dr Claire Nee, Director of ICRFP

The Verifiability Approach and the effect of using interpreters on eliciting information and cues to deceit in investigative interviews

Prof Aldert Vrij (ICRFP) will co-present with Mr Mark Fallon (Former US Dept of Homeland Security Executive and US Dept of Defense Counterterrorism Official)


Impact on corrections: Future directions for veterans of the armed forces in prison and probation/An evidence-based approach to reducing intimate partner violence

Dr Adrian Needs (ICRFP)/Dr Dominic Pearson (ICRFP) will co-present with Ms Amy Ford (Portsmouth City Council IPV Policy/Practice Coordinator)

1.10pm  Lunch and poster session

Recall at the sharp end: challenges for memory in operational policing contexts

Prof Lorraine Hope (ICRFP) will co-present with Mr Dave Blocksidge (Former trainer at SCO19 Metropolitan Police)

3pm Coffee 

Technological advances in understanding offending behaviour: Virtual Reality and beyond

Dr Claire Nee (ICRFP) will co-present with Dr Jean-Louis van Gelder (NSCR) and Ms Claire Foster (Direct Line Insurance Group)


Concluding keynote: ICRFP and its impact on research

Prof Richard Wright (Georgia State University and member of ICRFP since its inception)

4.45pm  Champagne reception Sponsored by Churchill Home Insurance