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Autistic Spectrum Conditions: A Critical Approach

  • Course Type: Short course
  • Mode of delivery: Online, distance learning
  • Duration of course: 12 weeks, 7th January 2019 to 29th March 2019
  • Course Leader: Dr Beatriz Lopez, Reader, Department of Psychology
  • Cost: £1283.33
  • Credit: 30 Level M credits
  • Entry requirements: Undergraduate degree or related professional experience

Autism spectrum conditions are an exciting area of study. This 12-week online course will suit those interested in following an introduction to these conditions. The course critically engages with understandings of Autism spectrum conditions in a variety of contexts such as health, education, the economy, culture and the media. The course then addresses therapy and developing supportive and enabling therapeutic environments.


This short course consists of three sections:

  1. Understanding Autistic Spectrum Conditions
  2. Autistic Spectrum Conditions in Context
  3. Critical introduction to Therapy and Autistic Spectrum Conditions.

The materials comprise written course material, video clips and access to extensive reading (including e-journal articles and e-books) via the University of Portsmouth Library.


This course aims to enable a critical understanding of:

  • autistic spectrum conditions and key issues when providing support for people with these conditions and their families, 
  • autistic spectrum conditions in social-economic and cultural contexts and,
  • interventions and therapy for persons with Autistic spectrum conditions.


There are two pieces of summative assessment for this short course. To achieve 30 Level M credits, both summative assessments must be passed with a mark of 40% or higher.

  • Compose a letter (500 words maximum) in response to an existing exchange of letters concerning the nature of Autism. 
  • Write an essay (3500 words maximum) concerning either differing conceptions of Autism Spectrum Conditions or therapy and Autistic Spectrum Conditions

Interested candidates should contact in the first instance.

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