Department of Psychology


Head of School

Dr Lucy Akehurst Interim Head of Department
Dr Mark Turner Associate Head for Education and Principal Lecturer
Dr Ryan Fitzgerald Associate Head for Research

Academic Staff

Professor Kim A. Bard Professor of Comparative Developmental Psychology
Dr Hartmut Blank Reader in Experimental and Social Psychology
Professor Sue Buckley OBE Emeritus Professor of Developmental Disability Psychology
Dr Julie Cherryman Visiting Lecturer
Professor Alan Costall Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Psychology
Dr Marina Davila-Ross Reader in Comparative Psychology
Dr Victoria Devonshire Senior Lecturer
Dr Alessandra Fasulo Senior Lecturer
Dr Diana Fleischman Senior Lecturer
Dr Erik Gustafsson Senior Lecturer
Dr Alistair Harvey Senior Lecturer
Dr Mark Haydon-Laurelut Senior Lecturer
Professor Lorraine Hope Professor of Applied Cognitive Psychology
Professor Sherria Hoskins Professor, Dean of Science
Dr Treena Jingree Senior Lecturer
Dr Marine Joly Senior Lecturer
Dr Endre Kadar Senior Lecturer
Dr Juliane Kaminski Reader in Comparative Psychology
Dr Jonathan Koppel Senior Lecturer
Dr Beatriz López Reader in Developmental Psychology
Dr Jerome Micheletta Senior Lecturer
Dr Roger Moore Course leader (Undergraduate degrees), Principal Lecturer
Dr Paul Morris Principal Lecturer
Dr Ed Morrison Senior Lecturer
Dr Claire Nee Reader in Forensic Psychology
Dr Adrian Needs Principal Lecturer
Dr Iris Nomikou Lecturer
Dr Karl Nunkoosing Principal Lecturer
Dr Dominic Pearson Senior Lecturer
Dr Axelle Philippon Senior Teaching Fellow
Dr Leanne Proops Senior Lecturer
Professor Vasu Reddy Professor of Developmental and Cultural Psychology
Dr Eszter Somogyi Lecturer
Dr Stefanie Sonnenberg Senior Lecturer
Dr Lorenzo Stafford Senior Lecturer
Dr Julie Udell Placements and Employability Lead
Dr Darren Van Laar Reader in Applied Psychology
Dr Zarah Vernham Senior Lecturer
Professor Aldert Vrij Professor of Applied Social Psychology
Professor Bridget Waller Professor of Evolutionary Psychology
Dr Clare Wilson Reader in Applied Psychology

Research Staff & PhD Students

Abdullah Alajmi PhD Student
Marc Baker PhD Student
Ms Helene Chotard PhD Student
Dr Haneen Deeb Research Associate
Ms Martina Dove PhD Student
Ms Julie Dunlevy PhD Student
Mr Adam Harvey PhD Student
Pte Charlotte Hudson PhD student
Mr Aleksandras Izotovas PhD Student
Ms Eglantine Julle-Daniere PhD Student
Ms Louise Jupe PhD Student
Dr Sarah Knight Visiting Research Fellow
Feni Kontogianni PhD Student
Dr Sharon Leal Senior Research Fellow
Keamogetse (Kaytee) M Letsatle PhD Student
Mr Tom Lockhart PhD Student
Dr Samantha Mann Senior Research Fellow
Dr Emily Mason-Apps Research Fellow
Zeynep Mercan PhD Student
Dr Joanna Nye Teaching Fellow
Mr Robin Orthey PhD Student
Cody Porter PhD Student
Ms Shiri Portnoy PhD Student
Ms Pamela Radcliffe Visiting Research Fellow
Ms Florence Rocque PhD Student
Ms Eva Rubínová PhD Student
Renan Benigno Saraiva PhD researcher
Dia Soilemezi Visiting Research Fellow
Amy Warbrick BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Forensic Psychology
Dr Frances Warren Research Fellow
Mr Jamie Whitehouse PhD Student

Professional Staff

Melanie Hellier Course Administrator
Mrs Liz Bishop Course Administrator
Ms Tina Harding Department Administrator
Mrs Frances Hayes Department Manager
Karen Millen Course Administrator

Technical Staff

Aimee Dobson Technician
Mr David Forrester Technical Manager
Mrs Nicola Telford Technical Assistant
Mr Paul Waby Senior Technician