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Dr Ed Morrison

  • Qualifications: BA, MSc, PhD
  • Role Title: Senior Lecturer
  • Address: King Henry Building, King Henry 1st Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 2DY
  • Telephone: 023 9284 6338
  • Email:
  • Department: Department of Psychology
  • Faculty: Faculty of Science


I am interested in evolutionary approaches to behaviour, am a member of the Centre for Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology. My research focuses on human mate choice, especially movement and facial attractiveness. Before joining Portsmouth, I completed my PhD at the University of Bristol on the topic of improving ecological validity in facial attractiveness research. I previously worked for three years in the scientific and medical publishing industry. Before that, I completed an MSc in Evolutionary Psychology at the University of Liverpool, and a BA in Natural Sciences (zoology) at the University of Cambridge.

Teaching Responsibilities

I am the unit coordinator for Animal Behaviour (year 1), and I teach on Biological Psychology (year 2). I also supervise 3rd year projects on evolutionary psychology, attractiveness and mate choice, and animal behaviour.


I am interested in evolutionary approaches to behaviour. My research focuses on human mate choice, especially facial attractiveness. Most research into facial attractiveness has relied on static stimuli such as photographs, and I am interested in the role of motion in attractiveness. I use motion-capture techniques isolate dynamic information, and morphing techniques to manipulate facial shape in videos. I am also interested in other aspects of human mating such as mate search, the process of finding suitable mates.


Research profile

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