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Photo of Keamogetse (Kaytee) M Letsatle

Keamogetse (Kaytee) M Letsatle

  • Qualifications: BA, PGD Psychology, PGD Strategic
  • Role Title: PhD Student
  • Address: King Henry Building, King Henry 1st Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 2DY
  • Telephone: 023 9284 2074
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  • Department: Psychology
  • Faculty: Faculty of Science


I hold a BA in Psychology and Sociology the University of Melbourne (2001), with minor in Criminology, a PGD in Psychology from Bond University (2003) as well as another PGD in Strategic Management (University of Derby; 2014). In 2010 I was awarded a Master of Psychology (Clinical) from James Cook University. I returned to Botswana and started working as a therapist in a local hospital before joining the prison service as the first ever psychologist. I worked for the prison service for 5 years in which time I set up the psychology unit and developed policies for the department. I have also worked as a lecturer and consultant and the Institution of Development Management in Botswana.

When I got an opportunity to apply for a Commonwealth Scholarship and decided to go back university and pursue my interest in psychology and prisons.


My work experience has been very diverse having worked in Botswana and Australia. I have worked in mental health, addiction, prisons and management. My experience in the prisons had the biggest influence on my research interests. It gave me the appreciation of the importance of prison officers in the rehabilitation of offenders. I realised that while psychology is important for the rehabilitation of offenders it is the prison officers who ultimately have the biggest influence. Thus my current PhD is focused on resilience in people who work in high stress jobs especially prison officers and what influences their ability to manage the challenges of their job.