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Ms Shiri Portnoy

  • Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Psychology, Masters degree in Cognitive Psychology
  • Role Title: PhD Student
  • Address: King Henry Building King Henry I Street Portsmouth PO1 2DY
  • Telephone: 023 9284 6312
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  • Department: Psychology
  • Faculty: Science


I hold a Bachelor degree (BA; 2011) in Psychology and a Masters degree in Cognitive Psychology (MA - Summa Cum Laude; 2014) from the University of Haifa, Israel.

My masters’ research project was conducted at The Institute of Information Processing and Decision Making (IIPDM), University of Haifa. As part of my Masters' research I studied the metacognitive effects of initial question difficulty on subsequent eyewitness memory performance.

As of September 2015, I am a PhD candidate at the University of Portsmouth as part of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Programme in Legal Psychology. My direct supervisors at the University of Portsmouth are Professor Lorraine Hope and Professor Aldert Vrij. I am also supervised by Professor Pär-Anders Granhag, Doctor Karl Ask and Doctor Sara Landström from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden; I will spend six months (September 2016 –February 2017) at the University of Gothenburg as part of my research.


In my doctoral research I am focused at the metacognitive differences between the alibis of guilty and innocent suspects. Specifically, I study the strategic regulation and reporting in the alibis of innocent and guilty suspects.

I am highly fascinated by the cognitive and metacognitive processes that suspects go through before and while reporting from memory, as well as the products of such reporting.

Furthermore, I am very interested in the strategies that underlie these reporting processes, and the ability of such strategies to assist with distinguishing between truth-tellers and liars.

I look forward to elaborating my research as part of the beginning of a hopefully fruitful and challenging academic career.


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