Department of Sport and Exercise Science



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Facilities and equipment in the biomechanics laboratory include:

  • A 16 camera Oqus automated tracking system incorporating 3 high speed (1000 Hz, full resolution) cameras (Qualysis, Sweden).
  • Two Kistler 9281C force plates that can be mounted in different configurations in the laboratory, with additional floor mountings in the sports hall and dance studio also available.
  • Tekscan - portable pressure plate and software.
  • An eight channel online or eight channel wireless EMG system (Biometrics Ltd, UK) for measuring muscle activity.
  • Timing gates and Optojump system.
  • iPads and iSense handheld 3D scanner.
  • 50 Hz camcorders.
  • Goniometers.
  • Force transducers and accelerometers (1000 Hz).
  • Visual 3D software is used to analyse motion, force and EMG data to estimate joint moments and create musculoskeletal models.

Environmental Physiology

Facilities and equipment in the physiology laboratory include:

  • A 4.5m3 immersion pool with temperature control (4°C - 40°C) suitable for hydrodensitometry, cold water immersion and survival suit tests, this is housed within our 62m3 low humidity chamber (0°C +50°C) (8-90 %RH).
  • Our 100m3 large chamber has a climatic range of 0°C +50°C, (30-90%RH) and contains a swimming flume 4m long by 1.5m wide with underwater observation windows and temperature control (4°C - 40°C) and speeds up to 2.1m/s.
  • Sub-zero (-20°C) chamber suitable for Arctic and Antarctic preparation and testing including hypoxic capability.
  • Physiological monitoring equipment including: laser Doppler skin blood flow, 12 lead ECG, Q sweat analysis system, radiant heat lamps, skin and deep body temperature measurement, infra-red thermography, expired gas analysis, blood, urine and sweat analysis, body composition assessment, lung function assessment, and measurement of blood pressure.


Facilities and equipment in the physiology laboratory include:

  • 3 exercise physiology laboratories which feature treadmills & various ergometers
  • Physiological monitoring equipment including: multiple metabolic carts (both stationary & portable), blood analysis equipment (lactate, glucose, hemoglobin, whole blood), urine analysis, NIRS, body composition, spirometry, heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Treadmills, cycle ergometers, rowing ergometers, arm crank ergometers, swim bench.


Facilities and equipment in the psychology laboratory include:

  • ASL Mobile Eye system that allows researchers to examine exactly where individuals visually attend to when they are performing a movement or making a decision.
  • PLATO Liquid Crystal Spectacles that are designed to cut out vision of the right, left or both eyes together, reaction timers to see how quickly we respond to visual or auditory cues, and various targets to assess the accuracy of skill development or performance.

Sports Development

Facilities for sports development students include:

  • Teaching can take place in the main lecture theatres for large group teaching, or the smaller seminar rooms for interactive discussion groups and tutorials.
  • Practical aspects of the course often take place in the Spinnaker Sports Centre which is attached to the Spinnaker Building, the home of the Department of Sport and Exercise Science.
  • Due to the diverse nature of the course, activities can take place beyond University facilities, with students undertaking placements or site visits in partnership with local schools, sports clubs or leisure facilities.

Research Lab

Facilities and equipment in the research laboratory include:

  • Polyhemus motion tracking system that allows 3D movement of the sensors to be tracked.
  • Sizestream body scanner.
  • Hot tub, Treadmill, Climbing ladder and stepper.