School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science

Extreme Environmental Medicine and Science

Facilities and Services

The Extreme Environmental Medicine and Science offers a range of research and consultancy services, utilizing the wide range of staff expertise within this group as well as the state of the art facilities and equipment housed within the Spinnaker Building. We have extensive experience working with various organisations and industry, as well as individuals. This work ranges from fundamental research to applied work and product evaluation. In addition, we are always actively identifying new areas for development and investigation and we provide supervision for MPhil, MRes and PhD students interested in working in the area of Humans in Extreme Environments - We welcome new applicants.

The Extreme Environments Laboratory comprises three main environmental chambers (-20 °C to 50 °C, with humidity control), an immersion pool (2 °C to 40 °C) and a swimming flume (2 °C to 40 °C), which is like a swimming treadmill. All of these facilities can be operated with a controlled hypoxic (low oxygen environment) to simulate altitude, with our main environmental chamber capable of simulating altitudes up to the summit of Everest. The laboratory is equipped to assess human performance and survival in these environments, and for our volunteers to remain safe whilst participating in our experiments. Much of the instrumentation is portable, and allows for field-based research and projects with sponsors.

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