Department of Sport and Exercise Science

Short Courses

Safety and Medical Aspects of Cold Water Swimming

  • Course Type: Short Course
  • Start date: TBC
  • Hours: ½ day or full day
  • Cost: £300 (1/2 day session, delivery up to 20 people); £600 (full day session, delivery up to 20 people)

Cold water swimming is becoming increasingly popular. It relies heavily on a few very experienced supporters and medical professionals to ensure the safety of the extreme sport. The course is designed to inform those supporting swimmers undertaking cold water swims including ice miles and long distance swims. The course is designed for all levels of expertise, from those keen to support, right through to the medics and paramedics looking to extend their medical knowledge and develop an awareness of the problems which can occur with swimming in cold water. The course outlines the basic physiology which underpins much of the practical advice and discusses the requirements of medical check-ups and support for cold water swimming. Interested candidates should contact in the first instance.