Academic Registry

Welcome to the Registry Support Systems Analyst Pages

‌On these pages you will find guidance and assistance with your everyday Student Records related tasks, information about system changes, and updates on the different projects the Registry Support Systems Analyst (RSSA) team is currently working on. Please use these pages to see all the ways we work to help you.

The RSSA Team:

Each school has an RSSA with specific responsibility for its work - view full list of departmental responsibilities

What we do:

  • Provide Faculty and Departmental support, administering the and email accounts, in addition to providing telephone and remote access support
  • Facilitate regular Faculty meetings and workshops to encourage knowledge sharing
  • Marks entry, UAB and BOE, and Unit Database training
  • Creation of written and visual process guidance
  • Registry-specific training
  • Pro-actively validate data to ensure accurate data, maintain funding streams and facilitate accurate reporting
  • Input all Course Structure data, acting as final quality check
  • Publish all UMA changes, acting as final quality check
  • Support of corporate systems, including Student Records, Admissions+ and DLHE software
  • Support collaborative partners
  • Creation, suspension, modification closure of courses in Student Records
  • Support cross-Registry functions (e.g. Online Registration, Clearing, Graduation)
  • Provide final eligibility checks and Award data for all students for Graduation
  • Implement regulation changes into the system
  • Disseminate regulation change information and process change notifications
  • Provide data and assistance for external returns (e.g. HESA)
  • Staff account management and user roles
  • System testing (after patches, bug fixes and requested changes)
  • Servicedesk support
  • Work closely with IS, e.g. to update the MyPort pages and change Student Records reports and functionality
  • Liaise with software supplier to implement changes to the baseline product to improve the system for UoP use
  • Investigate the feasibility of, and implement, new software to create efficiencies (including, but not limited to, Online Option Choice, Flexible Curriculum, Book and Pay for short courses)
  • Implementation, facilitation and administration of Government sanctioned schemes, in particular the HEAR, including the collation of information from all Academic Departments, production of HEARs and system administration
  • Review existing University-wide business practices