Academic Registry

Manuals and Useful Documents


The manuals provided include links to Academic Regulations and general notes to assist users during each process. Each document will be updated every time a change occurs within any of the processes or regulations, giving users the most up-to-date information at all times. 

Therefore it is suggested that to obtain maximum benefit the manuals are viewed online, rather than printing each one out and using a hard copy. If users prefer to have a hard copy please ensure they have the most recent version at all times. 


IT Training Manuals (SR01 - SR03)

Assessment Marks Entry and Calculation Manual

Planned Curriculum Manual

Pre UAB Manual

Post UAB Manual

Pre BOE Manual

Post BOE Manual

Recording Awards for Research Degrees Manual

Short Courses Processes Manual

Split Instances Business Processes Manual

Student Roll Forward Manual

Unit Database Manual 

Useful Documents

CMIS Interface - Guidance Notes for 2nd Attempt Assessments

HEMIS Look Up and Transcript Guidance

Hints and Tips for SCMS

International Postgraduate Students - Dissertation in Second Sitting Flowchart

Postgraduate Students - Dissertation in Second Sitting Guidance

Prizes and Award Notes for Graduation and the HEAR

UAB Decision Flow Chart

Valid and Invalid Artefact and Unit Results Statuses


You may also find it useful to read the Unit Assessment Board, Board of Examiners and Extenuating Circumstances regulations.

Please click here and open the relevant Regulations to view the documents.