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Welcome to the RSSA Validation Pages


What is validation?

The purpose of validation is to check data quality and integrity to ensure the accuracy of data within Student and Course Management System (SCMS) and Unit Database.

This ensures information held on SCMS accurately interfaces with the Unit Database, Central Timetabling (CMIS), Admissions+, Business Intelligence System and the HESA/HESES systems as appropriate.  The output of SCMS is utilised across the University for reporting statistical data, which is essential to the University's central and departmental funding. 


Who validates?

Anyone who is inputting or maintaining information relating to SCMS has a responsibility to ensure accuracy of the data.


How do I validate?

RSSA's provide comprehensive guidance which is available on our website for all SCMS users. 

RSSA's will regularly email to remind all SCMS users to carry out timely validation.  We will also send ad hoc validation requests as appropriate.

You don't have to wait for us to contact you, validation guidance is available on our website if you simply wish to check data input at any time.

The validation Procedure and Guidance documents can be found here.


What are the benefits?

Regular validation reduces errors.

Regular validation keeps you up to date with any changes as guidance is continually updated as required.

Correcting errors gives better understanding of records held in University systems.

Correct data ensures accurate output for External Returns which impacts on University funding.

Accurate data is fundamental for future planning and investment throughout the University.