Department of Student and Academic Administration

The Department of Student and Academic Administration (DSSA) Areas of Responsibility

The areas are:

Responsibilities of divisions

Director and Academic Registrar's Office

  • Plans and manages Graduation Ceremonies
  • Manages the Student Complaints and Academic Appeals process
  • Maintains and disseminates information about the University term and semester dates

Academic Standards, Quality and Partnerships

DSAA Faculties Administration

  • Administration of registration of students at all levels
  • Validation of student data
  • Student curriculum management
  • Marks entry and validation
  • Organisation of Unit Assessment Boards and Boards of Examiners etc
  • Collation and administration of work for referral purposes
  • Organisation of examination arrangements
  • Administration of withdrawals/transfers and changes to other student statuses
  • Collection of student assessments
  • Quality assurance processes, including course approvals, periodic reviews and professional accreditations

Student Systems - Student Records & BI/Learner Analytics

  • Co-ordinates standard usage of the Student and Course Management System
  • Develops end user solutions in data processing and manipulation
  • Develops and manages University online web based applications, such as Course Approval WebForm, Extenuating Circumstances application, Partner Associate Lecturer application form, and Postgraduate application services
  • Responsible for the Registry Support System Analysts and the Registry Systems Development Team

Student Life - Student Administrative Services

  • Maintains the tuition fee schedule
  • University point of contact with the Student Loans Company
  • Invoices for tuition fees
  • Defines registration processes and procedures for the University
  • Maintains and disseminates information about additional charges for students
  • Co-ordinates registration activities
  • Designs and ensures correct usage of the University registration forms for students
  • Administers bursaries through the Student Loans Company's 'Higher Education Bursary and Scholarship Scheme' (HEBSS)
  • Produces student parchments and transcipts of study

Student Life - Admissions

  • Processes and distributes all application forms across the University
  • Monitors the quality and integrity of data held in the Admissions database
  • Designs and ensures correct usage of the University's application forms
  • Organises the confirmation and clearing activities
  • Controls the University link with UCAS and GTTR
  • Makes offers to international applicants
  • Maintains all course information and entry requirements published on the University and UCAS website
  • Maintains a definitive set of qualification equivalents to be used when considering applications
  • Acts as a countersignatory for Criminal Record Bureau disclosure requests