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Central Timetabling Unit: Frequently Asked Questions for Staff

Process and timeline

If you would like to know more about how the University of Portsmouth's timetables are constructed and the timings of the different processes, please click here.

When can I get my timetable?

CTU will send the initial drafts of staff, unit and course timetables to the Academic Timetable contact(s) within your department at the end of May. At the same time, you will be able to access your individual TT via the Staff Portal. It is the Academic Timetable Contacts' responsibility to check the drafts - please let them know asap if you notice any issues/problems with your personal TT, your contact will then co-ordinate/collate any change requests and send them on to CTU - if you are unsure who the contact within your department is, please contact your HoD or a member of CTU.

Staff can then see their individual timetable online from mid-late July - see Appendix A of the TT policy for exact dates for each year, which can be found here: Timetable Policy.

How can I see my timetable?

Staff can access their personalised timetable via the Staff Portal, which requires the user to login with their UoP username and password.

Staff can now also subscribe to their timetable via Google and add it as a secondary calendar - just go to your portal page and press the ‘Add to Google Calendar’ button and follow the instructions.

Both formats of the timetable are smart-device friendly.

Will changes made to my timetable show online immediately?

The portal has a live link directly to the timetabling system so changes on this will show straight away. Google calendars may take up to 8 hours to update (you must refresh your calendar regularly otherwise you may be looking at an old version of your TT)..

Where is the building I'm looking for?

Building codes and map can be found here:

What shall I do if there is a clash on my timetable, my timetable is blank or if I suspect that my timetable is incorrect/incomplete?

Hopefully, this will be picked up during the checking stage in May/June. If you have a problem with your timetable, please contact the academic timetable contact within your department who will investigate and request any necessary changes through CTU. If you are unsure who the contact is within your department, please contact your HoD or a member of CTU.

How do I request a 'one-off' room booking?

One-off room bookings can be requested through your departmental room booker* or by emailing the generic email address:

*room bookers - please ensure you refer to the Room Booking Policy on the 'Timetable Policy' page for rules/deadlines on booking rooms

To check room availability log into the staff portal then go to My Services - Room Check or go to

Full information about teaching rooms at the University is available at ​​

These pages provide:

  • photographs
  • details of the equipment available (inc. specific makes)
  • booking information for standard University teaching rooms
  • links to user guides/help pages
  • information on how to report problems and issues.

If you have any queries regarding the links for teaching rooms or roomcheck, please contact the IS servicedesk on ext. 7777 or email

Can students request 'one-off' room bookings?

Students wishing to book a teaching room must do so through a member of staff who should then book a room in the normal way (see above). Group Study Rooms are bookable through the library, information on booking these rooms can be found here:

How do I cancel or change a booking?

Please contact the person who made the booking for you as soon as you know that you do not require the room or you need to change the booking. If you are cancelling the booking, it ensures that the room is freed up for someone else to use.

What can I do if my request for a room cannot be met?

Room bookers will always try to meet your request. However, please note that it is not always possible to find an available room if the request is very specific. The more flexible you can be in terms of location, time or date, the easier it will be to meet your request. If you require a specific room, you can check if it is free via the roomcheck page, found here:

The room I wanted was meant to be booked but no-one was using it. Why is this?

The most likely explanation is that whoever made the booking did not need the room but forgot to cancel it. It is the responsibility of the person who booked the room to ensure the booking is cancelled if they no longer need the room.

Why was there someone else in the room I have booked and what should I do if they are?

CTU cannot control this and are not responsible for people using the rooms correctly. If someone is in your room then please use your judgement – if they are halfway through a session and/or their class is larger than yours then it may be easier for you to find another room. Find the nearest phone and ring ext. 2109, which will get you through to CTU who will immediately look for an alternative room for you as close as possible to your current location. If you can find out the details of the person who was in the room then CTU will be happy to contact them to find out the reason for the confusion. It could be a genuine mistake but it could also be an error by the room booker, in which case CTU will need to identify any further training needs.

The room was not in an acceptable condition and/or did not have the necessary facilities/equipment - what can I do?

If there is a problem with the IT equipment then please contact the IS servicedesk on 7777 or Any other issues should be reported to the Estates helpdesk on 6677 or

Can I change the layout of a room?

Yes, but the room must be returned to its original state at the end of your allocated time.

How do I book meeting rooms?

Meeting rooms are booked locally, within departments. Please contact your department/school administrative office for details on any bookable meeting rooms in your building.