Department of Student and Academic Administration

Central Timetabling Unit: Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Process and timeline

If you would like to know more about how the University of Portsmouth's timetables are constructed and the timings of the different processes, please click here.

When can I get my timetable?

Returning students - 2 weeks before teaching starts

New students - during induction week (information for new students doesn’t reach the UoP systems until mid to late August due to A-level results, Confirmation & Clearing etc. and, when it does, student numbers fluctuate greatly)

How can I see my timetable?

Students can access their personalised timetable through MyPort, which requires the user to login with their Google email address and password.

Students can also subscribe to their timetable via Google and add it as a secondary calendar - just go to your portal page and press the ‘Add to Google Calendar’ button and follow the instructions.

Both formats of the timetable are smart-device friendly.

Will my timetable change?

University of Portsmouth try not to change timetables after they have been published but this is sometimes unavoidable, especially during the first few weeks of teaching whilst student numbers fluctuate and lecture/seminar sizes change. Throughout the year, academic staff may need to attend conferences or conventions and, whilst every effort is made to cover classes, it is not always possible, meaning that they need to be rescheduled.

It is advisable to check your online timetable regularly.

Will changes made to my timetable show online immediately?

The portal has a live link directly to the timetabling system so changes on this will show straight away. Google calendars may take up to 8 hours to update (you must refresh your calendar regularly otherwise you may be looking at an old version of your TT).

Where is the building I'm looking for?

Building codes and map can be found here:

What shall I do if there is a clash on my timetable, my timetable is blank or if I suspect that my timetable is incorrect/incomplete?

Your timetable is created using the Core units for your course/year and the units you have selected during the option choice process (if applicable for your course/level). These units are all added to the Students Records system by your home department, if the information entered to this system is incorrect, then your timetable will be incorrect.

Check with the Course Administrators within your departmental admin. office that you are registered for the correct units and the correct amount of credits in the Student Records system. If this is all correct then the admin. office will pass the query onto the Central Timetabling Unit (CTU) to investigate further. CTU will inform the admin. office of any outcomes who will then contact you to advise/discuss. In the meantime, keep checking your online timetable as the issue may be resolved on the system before your Course Administrator manages to contact you.

Any changes made to the Student Records system by your admin. office will be transferred to the timetabling system overnight so please allow 24 hours for any changes to be reflected on your timetable.

When / where can I see my exam timetable?

You can view your exam timetable in the same location as your normal timetable. Exam timetables are released in March (1st Attempt Assessments ) and June (2nd Attempt Assessments).