Department of Student and Academic Administration

Central Timetabling Unit: Lecture Timetables 2018/2019

Please find pdf documents listing the lectures for 2018/19 here. The term 'lectures' can include events with different session 'types' (e.g. seminars, workshops etc.) but those events for units where students need to be split into groups will not show as these require further work so that students can be allocated to events. These groups will show on your portal with the lectures, as normal, once individualised timetables have been created and finalised (10/09/18 for returning students and during induction week for new students).

The units are listed under their owning department and are sorted alphabetically. You will need to know which department owns the units you are taking as they are not always owned by your home department. If you cannot find the unit you are looking for please contact your home department to find out the information you need (remember that some units do not deliver lectures so this could be why no events are showing).

Not all events run for the whole teaching period so the 'weeks' are also displayed, these are week numbers used by the timetabling system (CMIS) - they correspond to actual dates as follows;

Weeks 9-20 are 'teaching block 1' and run from 24/09/18 to 14/12/18, Weeks 26-41 are 'teaching block 2' and run from 21/01/19 to 10/05/19 (with Easter break running from 08/04/19 to 26/04/19). You can see the relevant calendar here - CMIS calendars

Please note that, while every effort is made not to make changes to these timetable events, they are still provisional and can change right up to the start of teaching.

*(In some instances, the unit name is too long to be shown in full (especially if more than one unit is taught in the same event), the unit numbers are also showing to help you find your units)*