Department of Student and Academic Administration

Aggregate Offshore Record

What is the Aggregate Offshore Record?

The HESA Aggregate offshore record has been collected since 2007/08. It is a report of academic activity for all students who are studying overseas or who stay in the UK for a period of less than 8 consecutive weeks during their programme of study. This will include students on University of Portsmouth distance learning courses based overseas. Unlike the Student Record, it is a headcount, rather than a collection of individualised data in respect of students who are either registered with the University of Portsmouth or who are studying for one of our awards.


What information does it use?

The Aggregate Offshore Record is collected for all students registered at University of Portsmouth who follow courses that lead to the award of a qualification or credit. This includes all students active at any point in the reporting period (1st August to 31st July), including students becoming dormant part way through the year, and those withdrawing from courses.

The Aggregate offshore record uses information about the location of study, study level, activity type and numbers of students. In 2016/17, we returned over 2000 students from around 250 countries.


What are the key dates?

Data for the Aggregate offshore record is collected retrospectively, therefore reporting in August on activity which has taken place between August of the previous year and July of the current year.

August 2017 to March 2018

Providers' local preparation

April 2018

Validate data locally using validation kit

June 2018

Preparation guide released

August 2018

Data collection opens

30 September 2018

Return date

13 October 2018

Commit date

13 October to 7 November 2018

Data quality checking period

7 November 2018

Last submission

9 November 2018



Who does it involve?

The HESA Aggregate Offshore Record involves faculties and departments within the Department of Student Academic Administration (DSAA).