Department of Student and Academic Administration

Individualised Learner Record (ILR)

What is the Individualised Learner Record?

It is a report to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) of all academic activity for students registered at the University of Portsmouth undertaking degree apprenticeships. The data collected is used by the ESFA and is fundamental in the formulation of:

• Funding

• Performance Indicators


What information does it use?

The Individualised Learner Record is collected for all students registered at University of Portsmouth who follow degree apprenticeship courses. This includes all students active at any point in the reporting period (1st August to 31st July), including students becoming dormant part way through the year, and those withdrawing from courses. It collects a wide range of data about students, including the student's entry profile and personal characteristics, course and module enrolment and assessment data, funding information and qualifications awarded.


What are the key dates?

The ILR is submitted on a monthly basis, with the first return due at the start of September. The ESFA use the data we have returned to make funding payments and to inform future funding allocations.


Who does it involve?

The Individualised Learner Record at the moment is fairly limited and therefore alongside the degree apprenticeship office only involves faculties and departments within the Department of Student Academic Administration (DSAA) who are delivering degree apprenticeships. There is some input from; finance in relation to the reporting of payments, Additional Support & Disability Advice (ASDAC) in relation to student support.