Department of Student and Academic Administration

Provider Profile

What is the Provider Profile?

The Provider profile record has been collected since 2012/13. It provides an aggregated breakdown of the academic subject activity across the University by faculty and department.

Mapping details of academic departments to HESA academic subject cost centre, this data is used to validate Student, Staff and Finance HE-BCI records as well as providing benchmarking material for Heidi.


What information does it use?

The system uses a full list of full time and part time academic staff by faculty and department alongside their HESA academic subject cost centre. This generally represents their main area of teaching expertise.

This information is also compared with the HESA academic subject cost centres allocated to units the members of staff teach on. It is also cross checked with information from our timetabling system to ensure coherence of coding.


What are the key dates?

Early 2019 Providers Local Preparation
May 2019 Data Collection Opens
1 June 2019 Return Date
2 June to 16 June 2019 Data Quality Checking
17 June 2019 Last Submission
21 June 2019 Sign-off








Who does it involve?

The HESA Provider Profile Record focusing on academic staff activity is relatively narrow. The initial information is provided by Human Resources from the University's staff system. Facilitated by Student Academic & Administration Managers (SAAMs), it involves liaising with heads of department and DSAA School Managers to verify the information.