Department of Student and Academic Administration

Unistats Record

What is Unistats?

The Unistats record replaces the KIS (Key Information Set) record, which has been collected since 2012/13. It is a report of the key information pertaining to any undergraduate course that someone can apply to and/or register for in the next academic year. It is a requirement that all providers display Unistats widgets on the relevant course page on their website.

The information is used on Unistats official website which allows prospective students to search for and compare data and information on university and college courses from across the UK. The information provided has been identified by prospective students as being most important to inform their decisions about future study. 

What information does it use?

The Unistats record contains much of the data and information found on our own course web pages. Focusing on the course, it includes basic information on course title, mode of study, course length, availability of placement year, indicator if distance learning, links to accreditation, etc. It also provides URL links to other useful information e.g. accommodation, student union, financial support.

By including the course code, the record is then linked up to other externally reported information to generate a range of course information for publication on the Unistats website. For example, the HESA Student Record is used to include continuation rates, degree classification, etc. Student satisfaction data is taken from the National Student Survey (NSS) and employment data is taken from the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education survey (DLHE) outcomes.

Previously reported percentages for learning & teaching/assessment activities are still generated and published on course web pages as part of Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) requirements.

What are the key dates?

The Unistats data is collected prospectively, reporting in May-August on courses which will be commencing in the following academic year. For example, the 2018/19 Unistats record is collected in 2017/18 and reports on courses commencing in the 2019/20 academic year. Providers can then resubmit their data at any point during the 2018/19 academic year and are encouraged to do this to reflect changes to their programmes. The timeline of data collection for the current year is as follows:

August 2018 to May 2019 Providers local preparation
March 2019 Validate data locally using validation kit
April 2019 Preparation guide for HE providers released
24 May 2019 Data collection opens
10 July 2019 NSS data added
25 July 2019 (12pm) Valid data submission required
16 August 2019 (12pm) Deadline for sign-off of data to be included in organisational preview 
August 2019  Data available for preview on Unistats website 
August 2019  Final deadline for submission and sign-off prior to publication of new dataset on Unistats 
August 2019  Update of Unistats website with 2018 dataset 
September 2019 System reopens for updates 
September 2019 Deadline for up to date widgets on providers' websites 

2018/19 academic year; providers resubmit their data to reflect any changes in the 2019/20 provision.


Who does it involve?

The HESA Unistats Record focusing on courses, involves appropriate faculty and departmental staff within the Department of Student Academic Administration (DSAA). It involves liaison with academic staff across the University, along with colleagues with a stake in the information published.