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Partner Assessment Portal

The Partner Assessment Portal is a web environment which provides nominated partner staff a gateway into the University’s Student Records System. Through this Portal the user can search, view and export collaborative students’ assessment results.

The Partner Assessment Portal is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox.

Partner Associate Lecturer (PAL)

All academic staff at partner institutions who deliver our collaborative courses must be approved as a Partner Associate Lecturer (PAL). Once approved as a PAL, partner staff will be able to access online library services and attend staff devlopment events.

The aims and benefits of being a PAL are:

  • to provide University recognition of partner academic staff that they are appropriately qualified and experienced to deliver specified units on the collaborative course
  • to enable PALs to gain access to the University’s online library services
  • to enable PALs to attend the University’s staff development activities
  • to enable the University to centrally record PALs
  • to enable PALs on franchised courses to gain access to the University’s virtual learning environment (VLE).

To apply to be a Partner Associate Lectuer please use the on-line application form located here 

Staff Development Events

As a member of staff at partners that deliver collaborative courses we know how important it is to have support from the University and our staff development events organised by the Department for Curriculum and Quality Enhancement (DCQE) are designed specifically for partner staff. They are delivered in a variety of ways such as seminars, workshops, and conferences and cover a wide range of topics including teaching and learning, on-line support arrangements and assessment arrangements. DCQE also provide consultancy services and continuing professional development. All Partner staff are entitled to attend and further information can be found on the Collaborative Partners webpage.

The University Library also provides induction events for students and supports partner Librarians and Learning Resources Managers. To contact them for further information please email  

Moodle - Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Moodle is the University's virtual learning environment and students studying on franchised courses, delivered both at the Univesity and partner, will be set up with a course Moodle account. This contains a variety of course materials, discussion forums and blogs, as well as other useful resources. Partner Academic Contacts and Partner Associate Lecturers on franchised course can also have acess to their course Moodle. Please contact your University Academic Contact who will organise this.

University Contacts

Key contacts that you will have at the University are the University Academic Contact, University Administrative Contact and the Associate Dean (Academic), which are located within the University academic departments.

The University Academic Contact will be your first point of contact for the day to day management of your provision and all academic issues, and the University Administrative Contact is responsible for the day to day course management administration activities.

The Associate Dean (Academic) provides a advisory and support role on quality assurance and enhancement matters, and will work with yourself and the University Academic Contact to ensure the maintenance of standards, the quality of course delivery, student experience communication systems are robust.

If you wish to contact the Collaborative Partnerships team please email us at


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