Department of Student and Academic Administration

Annual Monitoring - Pilot year 2018/19

During 2018/19, Academic Standards, Quality and Partnerships (ASQP) will be co-ordinating a developmental pilot of the University’s new annual monitoring methodology.

Thank you to colleagues in Computing, Creative Technologies, Economics and Finance, Geography, and Languages and Applied Linguistics for working with us to shape the methodology we will use going forward. We will be seeking your feedback at different points during the year but welcome your views at any stage: you can contact us directly at, or feed back via your Associate Dean (Academic).

The information on this webpage will support those participating in the pilot in navigating the new approach. If you are involved in co-ordinating modules (units), partner courses or postgraduate research provision (which are all out of scope for the pilot), or if you are in a School or Department other than those listed above, you should undertake the current annual monitoring processes as usual.


Key documents

If you’re part of the pilot, you should familiarise yourself with the following:

  • Draft Annual Monitoring Policy  – This is the policy that will apply throughout the pilot year. We will continue to develop it in line with your feedback ahead of its launch University-wide in 2019/20.
  • Annual monitoring timeline – This provides an overview of the key activities you will need to engage in over the course of the year.
  • Frequently Asked Questions  – These FAQs have been compiled over the course of the briefings we have delivered to staff and we will continue to develop them as the pilot rolls out. If you have a question that is not listed here, please let us know at
  • Glossary - This document outlines common terms used in connection with the annual monitoring process


Guidance for course leaders

Course leaders should be familiar with the following:

  • Quality Assessment Dashboards – This document outlines how to access the Dashboards, which contain the data you will need to review throughout the year to be able to develop your action plan.
  • Enhancement and Quality Improvement Plan templates – The EQuIP is the document you need to complete if you have any red flags against your Dashboard data. There are two templates – one for undergraduate courses and one for postgraduate taught courses. The EQuIPs are organised via a central Google Drive to facilitate collaborative working. Your Faculty Validation Officer (or equivalent) will be able to support you in locating your EQuIP.
  • Key dates – The EQuIPs need to be completed by 31 October (for undergraduate courses) and 31 January (for postgraduate courses).
  • Guidance documents – We have produced guidance on How to analyse your data and design effective actions and Effective approaches to co-production with students


Guidance for Heads of Department

We have produced guidance on How to scrutinise action plans that Heads of Departments should be familiar with.


Additional guidance for Faculties

We have produced guidance on Facutly Quality Review Meetings (FQRM) and the templates that are to be used for FQRM Agenda and Minutes.



Other general information

If you were unable to attend the staff briefings we held in September, you can download the slides from here.

If there is any other information you feel would be useful, please contact us at or feed back via your Associate Dean (Academic).