Department of Student and Academic Administration

Academic Standards, Quality and Partnerships

Assessment and Regulations

The Academic Standards and Quality team are responsible for:

  • providing advice and assistance to students and staff on Academic Regulations;
  • overseeing the application of the Academic Appeals procedure and arranging Appeals Panels;
  • overseeing the application of disciplinary procedures, and arranging Disciplinary Panels;
  • coordinating the application of the Criminal Convictions Policy for prospective and existing students, and running Criminal Convictions Panels;
  • maintaining and updating the Academic Regulations and related policies for the University of Portsmouth and collaborative partners, and advising on their application.

Useful information:


Admissions procedures:

Academic Regulations:

Extenuating Circumstances:

The Assessments & Regulations Office is responsible for providing advice to Schools and Departments on applying the Procedures.

Students seeking advice on the Extenuating Circumstances Procedures should contact their School/Department Office in the first instance.


Recognition of Prior Learning:


Student Regulations:

Guidance notes:

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