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Information for External Examiners

Useful documents for External Examiners

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Induction for new external examiners

The University runs regular induction seminars for recently appointed External Examiners.  The aim of the seminars is introduce External Examiners to the regulations and procedures of the University of Portsmouth, as well as providing an opportunity to meet University staff and other External Examiners.  You may also be invited to an additional session in the Department/School to which you have been appointed.

The induction seminars are held around Easter and in early September of each year.  External Examiners who are eligible to attend will be contacted in advance, by email, with details of the next seminar. If you are not due to receive an invitation but would like to attend one of these seminars, or if you would like more details about induction arrangements, please email 

Online induction 

The University of Portsmouth also offers an online version of the induction seminar, for External Examiners who are unable to attend one of the above events.  The online induction runs on Moodle, the University’s VLE software, and is accessible to all currently-appointed External Examiners by invitation.  If you have not received an invitation and would like to have access to the online induction course, please email


Online Chat Questions and Answer Sessions

Over the next year (2019/20) we will be offering a number of online group chat drop in events for our external examiners to support them at key points during the year.
20 June 2019  Pre Board event
25 September 2019 Introduction event for newly appointed staff
16 October 2019 Postgraduate Board Q&A
12 February 2020  Mid year/Teaching Block 1 Q&A
22 April 2020 Supplementary to Induction Event Q&A
17 June 2020 Pre Board event

Details on how to access the group chat will be shared with Externals nearer the time.


Contact details

Your main points of contact within the University will be:

  • For all academic queries: Contact your Department/School contact. Details of who this is will have been sent to you with your appointment paperwork.
  • For all administrative queries: Call 023 9284 3425, or email
  • For all fees or expenses queries: Contact your Faculty Office (below)

Faculty of Business and Law
Richmond Building
Portland Street

Faculty of Creative & Cultural Industries
Eldon Building
Winston Churchill Avenue

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
Park Building
King Henry I Street

Faculty of Science
St. Michael's Building
White Swan Road

Faculty of Technology
Portland Building
Portland Street