Department of Student and Academic Administration

Academic Policy Development

Academic Standards, Quality and Partnerships has oversight of the approval and review of University academic policies and procedures, and maintains a schedule of renewal for all core academic and student policies/regulations which relate to the DSAA business functions. For information about the review period of these policies/regulations please contact
All University core academic and student-related policies and regulations can be accessed through the A to Z on the Document Warehouse.
When DSAA develop a new, or review an existing, policy, this is published on the Policy Update page.  The policy is also updated on the Document Warehouse and disseminated via email to staff and students as appropriate.
If you are writing or reviewing a policy document, please refer to our good practice guidance on how to approach new policy writing and the review of existing policies, and the template document which guides you through the process. We hope these documents will help anyone in the University who is working on new, or reviewing existing, policies.   These documents can be found here:

Good Practice Guide - Academic Policy Development and Publication [Acrobat (.pdf) - Thu, 13 Jun 2019 11:42:00 BST]

Policy Scoping Template [Acrobat (.pdf) - Thu, 13 Jun 2019 11:45:00 BST]