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The Research Degrees Section is responsible for the registration and assessment of Postgraduate Research Students (PGRS) and its quality assurance arrangements.

Within these pages you will find all the key information that all Postgraduate Research Students (PGRS), supervisors and administrators need.

If you need any further information or advice regarding the administration of PGRS students please contact a member of the Research Section Team on

How to Apply

Find out about the Research Degrees avaiable here at Portsmouth, the areas of research, How to Apply and Apply Online  ...[GO]

Research Degrees Committees

An overview on how the research degrees here at Portsmouth are managed through the committees: URDC, FRDC and GSMB    ...[GO]

Research Degree Regulations and Handbooks

Regulations for Higher Degree by Research, Handbooks, key policies, documents and guidance   ...[GO]


All the forms required for Postgraduate Research Student (PGRS) and Supervisors during a PGRS' Registration ...[GO]

Useful Information

Regulations for Higher Degree by Research, Student Handbook, Supervisor Handook including key policies, documents and guidance appropriate for PGRS & those supporting PGRS ...[GO]

Annual Review

Details regarding the arrangements for Annual Review, guidance,  procedures and supporting documents can be found here ...[GO]

FAQs for Annual Review ....[GO

New PGR Students

Further guidance and information for those New PGRS who have received an offer on a Research Degreee Programme ...[GO]

Major Review

Guidance for PGRS and supervisors can be found in the Research Degrees Operational Handbook

PGR Examination 

Guidance can be found in the Research Degrees Operational Handbook

Research Degree Programmes

Further information and details for specific Research Degree Programmes  ...[PhD] ...[Prof Doc] ... [MD] .... [PhD by Pub]  .... [MPhil]

Research Degree Partnerships

Guidance and supporting documents for PGRS and those involved with supporting PGRS  ...[GO]

Graduate School

The Graduate School provide training & development opportunities for PGRS (though the GSDP) and for Supervisors through the Research Supervision Events ..[GO]

Research Section and Key Contacts

Find out who's who in the Research Section and who are the key contacts in the Faculties and Departments  ...[GO]

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