Department of Student and Academic Administration

Regulations and Documentation

Find links to all the key documentation for Research Degrees - Code, Regulations, Handbooks, Policies ...[GO]

Research Degrees Committee

An overview on how the research degrees here at Portsmouth are managed through the committees: URDC, FRDC and GSMB ...[GO]

Research Degree Partnerships

Research Degree Partnerships are considered when the Portsmouth award is dependent on another delivery or support organisation  ...[GO]


All the forms required for Postgraduate Research Student (PGRS) and Supervisors during a PGRS' Registration ...[GO]

Annual Review

Arrangements for Annual Review, including guidance and procedures can be found here ...[GO]

FAQs for Annual Review ....[GO] 

PGRS Bursary

PGRS Bursary Guidance, Agreement and supporting forms ...[GO]

Research Degree Programmes

Further information and details for specific Research Degree Programmes covering details regarding the Award(s), Key Milestones during registration, which regulations are applicable and the Descriptor for a Higher Education Qualification:

PhD - Doctor of Philosphy

Professional Doctorate

MD - Doctor of Medicine

PhD by Publication - Doctor of Philosophy

MPhil - Master of Philosophy