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Annual Monitoring and Periodic Review

As part of the University of Portsmouth's comprehensive Programme Monitoring and Review processes, all courses and collaborative partners are subject to annual monitorong and Periodic Review. Annual monitoring is undertaken in a number of ways, including Student Staff Consultative Commitees, Boards of Study and the production of Annual Standards and Quality Evaulative Reivew (ASQER) Reports. Periodic Reivew for programmes is scheduled every six years and periodic reivew for collaborative partnerships is scheduled every three years. Please see the relevant boxes below.

The current Periodic Programme Review Schedule is available from here Periodic Schedule

For further information on Periodic Reviews please email Academic Standards, Quality and Partnerships

Please refer to the relevant sections below.

Policy and Procedures

Policy, Operational Handbook and documentation [GO]

Annual Monitoring - BoS & SSCC Agendas

Board of Studies and Staff Student Consultative Committee Agenda templates  [GO]

Annual Monitoring - ASQER Guidance and Templates

Annual Standards and Quality Evaluative Review (ASQER) templates and guidance ...[GO]

Periodic Review Commentaries & Evidence

Commentaries, guidance and templates for Periodic Review ...[GO]

Periodic Review Facilitator Documents

Documentation for the facilitation of Periodic Reviews ...[GO]

Periodic Review Report Templates

Templates and guidance for Action Plan and Review Report templates ...[GO]

Unit Information

Co-ordinator role guidelines, Unit files and Unit Evaluation report ...[GO]

Periodic Review Outcomes

Outcomes for Periodic Programme Reviews and Periodic Partnership Reviews ...[GO]