Department of Student and Academic Administration

Student Administration: Withdrawal of Services and Exclusion 

Why would the Withdrawal of Services process be started?

To become and remain a fully registered student of the University of Portsmouth, students are required to complete various registration processes. Whilst some processes may not be applicable to all registering students, our registration requirements include:

  1. Annual online registration
  2. Settlement of tuition fee
  3. Proof of personal identification (and immigration status if an International student)
  4. Proof of course entry qualifications
  5. Provide valid term-time address
  6. Satisfactory criminal conviction checks
  7. Compliance with the University’s attendance and engagement monitoring policy (International students only)

Withdrawal of Services will be initiated if you fail to comply with one or more of the Registration requirements, and may ultimately result in you being excluded from the University of Portsmouth if you continue to fail to comply during the Withdrawal of Services process.

Notifications to students indicating the requirement to complete an outstanding Registration process, and subsequent follow-up notifications, will be sent to students’ University email accounts.

Students have a right to appeal against their exclusion.

The University resrves the right to omit the Withdrawal of Services process where there is actual or potential conflict with policy or process as prescribed by its own or other relevant organisations' regulations.

For further details see the 'Exclusion and Appeals Policy' at the 'Where can I find tuition fee policies and procedures?' article.


What does it mean if I have my services withdrawn under the Withdrawal of Services process?

  • Your registration status will immediately be withdrawn in the Student Record System.
  • You must continue to attend/engage in your studies and submit work as normal during this period. This is in anticipation that your services will be quickly restored to normal.
  • You will be disabled from using IT and Library facilities.
  • Any assessments submitted with deadlines, or examinations taken on days within the Withdrawal of Services period cannot be marked.
  • We will notify your relevant Department/School of your Withdrawal of Services.


What does it mean if I am excluded under the Withdrawal of Services process?

  • You will cease to be a student of the University of Portsmouth.
  • Attendance at classes/lectures will be prohibited, whereby you will not receive tuition or academic support.
  • You will not be able to undertake any examinations or assessments in any form whatsoever. You will therefore have a fail recorded in these examinations and assessments.
  • Access to any facilities of the University will be disabled.
  • Your tuition fee will be calculated in-line with our ‘Tuition Fee Policy 2016/17’ which can be found at the ‘Where can I find tuition fee policies and procedures?’ article, to reflect the time you were registered as a student. The University will seek settlement of any tuition fee debt up to the Withdrawal of Services date.
  • You will be in breach of University Regulations should you disregard this notice.
  • Re-entry to the University in the current academic year will not be permitted. Should you wish to continue your studies at the University of Portsmouth you would have to re-apply to the University through Admissions for the next academic year. You would be expected to meet ALL registration requirements and provide the relevant evidence/documentation as requested at that time.
  • Where applicable, you will be removed from University accommodation.
  • International students will be reported to the UK Visas and Immigration as withdrawn from the University, which will ultimately result in visa curtailment and possible forced removal from the UK.
  • You have the right of appeal against your exclusion. For details on how to do this, please see our ‘University Exclusion and Appeals Policy 2016/17’ which can be found at the ‘Where can I find tuition fee policies and procedures?’ article.


How do I appeal my exclusion?

  • A student may appeal an exclusion by emailing The appeal should include your full name and student ID number, and MUST:
    • Be received within 20 working days of the exclusion
    • Provide details of why you feel you should have the exclusion lifted
    • Only be made when all registration criteria, including the one in default have been met.

Details of appeal criteria can be found within the ‘University Exclusion and Appeals Policy 2016/17’ which can be found at the ‘Where can I find tuition fee policies and procedures? article.


Students' Union Advice Centre

The Students' Union Advice Centre can also offer confidential, impartial and non-judgmental support on a range of issues including the appeals process. The service is independent from the University, all enquiries are dealt with in confidence. The team work closely with the University to resolve issues and ensure students are treated fairly. The team may also direct you to other services which may be of help. For more information see their pages on the Students' Union website.