Corporate Governance

Sources of help

The list below contains links to other sources of help that you may find useful in trying to resolve your complaint.  The internal sources of help may be contacted at any time during the complaints process although the sooner you contact them, the more help they may be able to provide.  The final link, to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA), is an external link. 

Student’s Union Advice Service - for advice on anything affecting your time at the University.

Bullying & Harassment Advisors – an internal service for advice and support if you believe you are being bullied or harassed by a student or a member of staff.

Student and Neighbourhood Liaison – if you have concerns about student neighbours or, whilst as a student, you need help in your neighbourhood.  Contact staff in the Student Housing department either by telephoning 02392 843214 or by email at

Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC) – for help with any issues relating to special needs.

Collaborative Programmes Registrar – for help in knowing whether you have a complaint about a Collaborative partner or the University and  how to pursue a complaint against a Collaborative partner.

Student Support Service – for help with any issues in Halls of Residence.

Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education - the OIA only considers complaints made by students after the complaint has been through the University’s internal procedures and a Completion of Procedures letter has been issued.