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Health and Safety

School Work Experience Placement Scheme

The University of Portsmouth Health and Safety Office is keen to support students looking to complete a work experience placement. The Health and Safety Office will liaise with the Education Business Partnership (EBP) and Schools directly to arrange work experience placements.

If you wish to undertake a placement at the University or if you are a department within the University that has agreed to a work experience placement, please complete this form and risk assessment and send to When filling in the risk assessment, please consider if the work experience placement will involve exposure to hazardous activities or agents and the University's Safeguarding Policy.

There will also be specific paperwork from the School/EBP.

The University's Insurance information can be found here.

The University will offer a work placement to a young person who is in their penultimate year at school (14-16 years). The scheme helps young people learn about full-time employment and get support, advice and information from employers. The placement would be for two weeks, with schools tending to prefer placements between late May and the end of the school year in July.    Participation in the scheme would have no financial cost to the University, beyond the provision of guidance, direction and support to the young person whilst on placement. A teacher will visit the student whilst they are on placement and the student is required to complete a logbook which will include a section on feedback for the placement supervisor/mentor.

The Health and Safety Office will ensure suitable and sufficient risk assessments are in place for the student for the duration for their work experience placement. These should then be kept locally within the department.

Since 2009, departments providing placements have included: Institute of Cosmology & Gravitation, School of Earth & Environmental Science, Department of Creative Technologies, School of Languages & Area Studies, Department of Mathematics, Campus & Residential Services, School of Education & Continuing Studies, University Library, Sport & Recreation, School of Biological Sciences, Curriculum & Quality Enhancement.