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Electronic Records Management - eRecords

RM_Wordle2Electronic Records Management is the process of managing the storage, organisation, access and retention of records using computer based systems. To support this process University of Portsmouth is currently using the eRecords system provided by Objective. It consists of two main components: a web client used by the majority of users and a desktop client called Navigator, both of which allow access to the eRecords system itself.

eRecords provides the University with a structured, auditable method of managing its electronic records and ensuring we are using our electronic storage space in the most effective way. 

More information will be put onto this page as the launch date approaches.

Transition from EDM to eRecords

In November 2018 EDM gets a new name:


...along with a brand new look via the web brower app, which becomes the main way of accessing the system.

Nov 2018 onwards...

The existing EDM desktop client will be automatically removed from your machine.  Access to the new eRecords web browser is available from AppsAnywhere.

New features in eRecords...

Available on University Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines...

Objective Director

Provides helpful onscreen messages and simplifies the document editing process.

Office Plug-ins

Save/open records directly into/from eRecords from within MS Office (e.g. Word)

View key metadata from eRecords within the MS Office application

Easy switch between 'Read only' and 'Edit' modes

Getting started...

How do I access eRecords?

Web browser app

Navigator (desktop client)
Information Sheet

How can I request an eRecords account for myself or a new staff member?

Please contact the IS Service Desk on x7777 or

New accounts are usually available the next working day.


eRecords Online

eRecords is available as an online training package hosted by Moodle:

eRecords course 

Completing this course will make you an eRecords Edit User.  You can revisit the training at any time as a refresher. 

If you have difficulty accessing any of the content, please contact the eRecords team.

Navigator and Super User training

Please contact eRecords team for details.



Working from home...

Both the eRecords web browser and the Navigator client can be accessed remotely via the University's VPN connection. 

Please consult the following MyPort article for further details on downloading and connecting to the VPN from a variety of devices and operating systems:

Global Protect VPN

Once connected to the VPN, you can access eRecords the same way as you would on campus.


Scanning Paper Records

If you have a large volume of paper records to be scanned and uploaded into the eRecords system, we can help make the scanning process quicker and easier!

The eRecords scanning capability (EzeScan service) can be set up on your MFD, which will enable bulk scanning directly into eRecords, as well as OCR of typed paper records.  Please contact the eRecords team to find out more.

General information and best practice advice on scanning can be found in Records Management Factsheet 06 - Scanning.  You are strongly advised to read this factsheet before beginning any scanning project.


Benefits of using eRecords...

Ensures Legal Compliance

Helps to ensure we are compliant with laws and regulations, such as GDPR and the FoI Act.

Saves Time

Powerful search tools allow you to find records quickly.

Saves Space

Holding records electronically as opposed to paper format frees up valuable office space.

Provides Better Security

Greater protection of sensitive records is guaranteed.  This is supported by a comprehensive audit trail and robust version control.

Further Information...

Process Guides

We have created guides for specific processes using both the web browser interface and the desktop client. 

Click here to access the full list of available guides.


Contact Us...

eRecords Team contact details:



  • Magdalena Gruszecka x5495
  • Martin Talbot x3560

For technical support and assistance, please contact the IS Service Desk on x7777 or via the IS Self-Service portal.