Department for Curriculum and Quality Enhancement

What is it?

Take advantage of TechSmith's Fuse mobile app to record your students giving presentations. The system makes it easy to privately share each recording between lecturer and student with minimal administration. Use the system to provide feedback and grades to students yourself or allocate an assigned marker. External examiner's are also catered for.

Problem History

The Assessed Video system was created by Technology Enhanced Learning to fulfil a request from the Faculty of Science to record and share medical role playing scenarios. These scenarios needed to be filmed as it was advantageous for students to be able to review their performance alongside feedback provided by their assessor rather than simply being given written feedback. An early solution adopted by the Faculty was to use web cams and required a technician to compile each video before placing it on a cd for students – it was very labour intensive. 

Our Solution

Our Relay server and the mobile app Fuse provided the perfect infrastructure on which to build the solution. Fuse enabled high quality recordings to be made that would then be uploaded to the Relay server where they would be encoded into a suitable video format for viewing over the internet from a central location. What was missing was a simple way of identifying who featured in each recording and therefore who should be able to review the video since much of the content was private. The user logged in to the Relay Desktop Recorder or to the Fuse app (assumed to be the lecturer) becomes the 'owner' of the recording whilst performers in the video (students) should have their student number noted in the description field before the recording is uploaded. Both students and lecturers need then only go to one URL to retrieve all of their recordings –


The solution was originally designed around a supervised session where a lecturer who would later become the 'owner' of the recording (so as students cannot delete a recording by mistake) would be logged into the Fuse app or Relay recorder. However, you may like students to create a recording in their own time, in such cases a generic account can be created for you (as you don't want to share your own password with them!) which can be shared with all of your students. At the recording processing stage we will switch ownership across to your account so that students cannot use the generic account to access other students' recordings. The great thing about this is you are no longer restricted to recording in the classroom, you could for example, set an assignment of filming a particular subject whilst on a field trip, especially as Fuse is a free download that will work on Android, iOS or Windows devices – bare in mind though that students will require a wifi or data signal (3g or 4g) to upload the recording to the server although this can be done at a later time.

Get Started

To get started you will require an account on the Relay server and the 'Fuse' profiles, please contact to request this. For further information on the system please review the following two guides: