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Moodle is the University's Digital Learning Environment (DLE). Staff began migration of all online learning materials from Victory, the previous DLE, to Moodle in 2012.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is a browser-based learning environment that hosts a range of activities and resources for students and staff.

Who is it for?

Moodle is for students and staff. Students benefit from the wide range of resources available to support their studies. Staff can take advantage of Moodle as a flexible teaching tool.

Why should I be using it?

Moodle is the central hub for learning materials and activities for students. Moodle is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. If you can access the internet you can access your online unit materials from Moodle via smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.

How do I use Moodle?

To use Moodle simply visit and log in with your normal network login. You will see a list of the course and unit sites you are enrolled on. Simply select the link to the unit you want to use and you're ready to get started.


If you are a student you will find a range of unit-related activities and resources to engage with. You may also find the student 'Help Pages' useful.


Lecturers can create resources and activities by pressing the 'Turn editing on' button in the top-right of unit pages. If you are new to Moodle or would like help creating Moodle activities you can contact the team of Online Course Developers (OCDs) in your Faculty. The central eLearn help desk will also be happy to point in the direction of your local OCD. eLearn are available on 02392 843 355 or

Help guides can be found on the Staff Help sites page. We also have a Moodle Community page in which staff can take part in online discussions about Moodle.

Why not come along to one of our training sessions to find out more about Moodle, find out what sessions are coming up on our training calendar.

Where can I access Moodle?


Students can access Moodle by clicking the Moodle button in MyPort ( Moodle is also available to students via:


Staff can access Moodle via a link in the top-right of the Staff Essentials page ( or directly via:


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