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What is WebEx?

WebEx is a proprietary webconferencing system from Cisco, one of the world’s largest networking suppliers (and the suppliers of the University’s telephone system). WebEx is widely used in business.

Who is it for?

WebEx is for staff who would like to communicate or interact with students in real time, through some combination of voice, video, desktop sharing and text chat. A typical use for this apps is in distance education, but there is other potential uses: one could imagine operating small-group tutorials or virtual “drop-in” centres, for example. Students can create Webex meetings (via in order to conduct online meetings, presentations or even job interviews.

Why should I be using it?

Webconferencing can add great value to a distance learning course. Webex is now integrated with Moodle which allows staff to easily create timed links to Webex classrooms. Support materials for getting started with Webex via Moodle are available here (staff login to Moodle required):

How do I use/access WebEx?

The University has purchased a site license for Webex allow staff and students to create Webex meetings directly from with their normal login credentials. Staff can also create classrooms via Moodle which students can join.


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