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APEX Foundation Pathway‌

The Foundation Pathway provides the initial professional development towards Descriptor 1 of the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in Higher Education (UKPSF). It consists of different flexible and individualised routes for various categories of staff to enable them to meet their teaching or supporting learning responsibilities. Currently we offer the Graduate Students’ Professional Development (GPROF) route and the Associate Lecturers’ (ALPROF) route for new, part time hourly paid lecturers within this pathway.

Graduate Students' Professional Development (GPROF)

GPROF provides formal training for postgraduates involved in any teaching activity and it is mandatory for all postgraduate students who teach or support student learning. Postgraduate students are permitted to teach after they have attended the GPROF Induction and as long as they are either engaged in, or have completed the GPROF programme.

Delivery of the programme

GPROF provides graduates who teach with a flexible programme to meet disciplinary and role-based needs. There are two intakes a year in October and February and the majority of participants complete the programme and are awarded their certificate within six months.

Attending GPROF

Postgraduate students who wish to participate in GPROF should complete the ‌‌GPROF registration form and ask their supervisor to sign the document, indicating their consent. The programme starts with the GPROF Orientation workshop and all students who are currently teaching, or who are scheduled to teach in the near future, must attend 'What to do if problems arise in your workshop or laboratory?'. This is followed by attendance at the 'GPROF Working with Individual Students Workshop' and the 'GPROF Working with Groups Workshop'. All participants must have a peer observation of their teaching or attend a micro-teaching session before attending the final 'GPROF Professional Development Workshop where the GPROF certificates are issued. 
Students with sufficient teaching and/or support of student learning experience can progress on to Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
For GPROF Orientation dates and workshops, please view our Academic Calendar Events calendar.
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Associate Lecturer Professional Development (ALPROF) 

ALPROF (Associate Lecturer Professional Development) provides an online introduction to learning and teaching in higher education for new Part Time Hourly Paid Lecturers.

The ALPROF route is designed to help PTHP lecturers prepare for their various teaching responsibilities such as lecturing, seminars, assessment, marking and feedback, and the supervision of research projects and dissertations. Participation in the programme is by invitation at the time of appointment, or by individual application.

Delivery of the programme

ALPROF is an online route with open registration designed to allow participants to work at their convenience, but with the expectation that they will complete the route within two or three months of appointment. Participants select two modules from a small range of introductory modules on key aspects of the role of a university lecturer. They then plan and deliver a teaching intervention which is observed and write a short reflective account on their teaching. Participants can submit their reflective accounts at any time and they will normally be informed if they have been successful within a week of submission. Successful participants are awarded a certificate and they can consider carrying their submission forward as part of their application for professional accreditation against one of the descriptors of UKPSF.