Department for Curriculum and Quality Enhancement

Assessment and Feedback

Essential Reading


HEA/QAA Relevant Documents and Sites

  1. UK quality code for higher education
  2. Assessment and feedback
  3. Effective feedback to students
  4. Developing assessment feedback
    ESCalate is the HEA's Education Subject Centre concerned with advancing learning and teaching in education. The author of this webpage shares some ideas on assessment and feedback in higher education.

Recommended Reading

  1. Phil Race's Book Extract
    Phil Race is a renowned author and workshop facilitator on assessment, learning and teaching in higher and further education. His passion is about 'making learning happen'.

Other Useful Documents and Sites

  1. Assessment (OCSLD)
    This web page on assessment is written by the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development (OCSLD). The OCSLD is one of the UK's largest and most established providers of staff and educational development for further and higher education.

  2. Referencing @ Portsmouth
    A University of Portsmouth interactive referencing guide.