Department for Curriculum and Quality Enhancement

Susan Gibbs

Mrs Susan Gibbs

Senior Lecturer in Higher Education

Curriculum and Quality Enhancement

Academic Development
Floor 3, Mercantile House
Hampshire Terrace


Brief Biography

Susan Gibbs is a senior lecturer working in the School of Education and an Academic Developer in the Department of Curriculum and Quality Enhancement (DCQE). She has previously worked in initial and continuing teacher education at the University of Bath and in educational psychology at the Institute of Education and as a director of studies and acting head teacher.

She has a masters degree in educational psychology from the Institute of Education and is currently working on her doctorate exploring the relationship between interpersonal skills, character attributes and teachers’ pedagogic practice.

Susan leads on the APEX fellowship core programme for academic staff new to teaching and works with new lecturers to engage them with innovative practice and cutting edge pedagogy in HE. In addition, as part of her work as an academic developer, Susan has developed a learning partnership with students. Within this partnership students have developed projects within enterprise, facilitation, mentoring, co-researching, reviewing, coaching, networking and as subject ambassadors. This learning partnership has at its core a partnership learning agreement and provides recognition and reward for students in the form of curriculum accreditation within professionally accredited routes. Susan is part of RAISE, SEDA and the South Coast network for academic developers working with new lecturers, and has worked in consultation with the HEA to help develop their student partnership framework. Within the student partnership she is developing a validated student academic facilitator route, an online student journal and website to show case partnership projects as well as a student led partnership conference.

In the School of Education Susan works on the full time undergraduate programme in units such as Professional Involvement, Inclusion and Diversity, Developing Professional Perspectives and the Year 5 and 6 Ambassadors’ Programme in Mathematics, Computing and Applied Physics. She also works with part time mature students in developing Global Perspectives on Education.

External Presentations/Papers

Publications include student partnership case studies for the NUS/HEFCE and the HEA website, having won the national HEA student staff partnership award in July 2014. In addition, she has published a collaborative partnership chapter on constructing reflective eportfolios in Asian learners in Transnational Higher Education and is currently one of the editors of a book titled Rethinking social issues in Education for the 21st Century as well as writing a chapter on 'to what extent is the personal the professional in the 21st Century Classroom'.