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National Student Survey (NSS)

students stood togetherThe NSS is a national survey that is conducted annually by Ipsos-Mori on behalf of HEFCE. Final year undergraduates who fulfil specified criteria are invited to complete the survey between February and April. The outcomes are published in September, analysed by DCQE and disseminated to Heads of Department and relevant University committees.

The importance of the NSS

  • The NSS provides students with the opportunity to provide honest feedback about their student experience.
  • Their feedback is used to improve the student experience here.
  • The results are taken very seriously and inform the quality assurance system with regards to teaching quality.
  • The results are used by prospective students, their families and advisors to make decisions on what and where to study.

National Student Survey 2018

The National Student Survey (NSS) 2018 opened on Monday 15 January to final year undergraduates, who received an email invitation from Ipsos MORI.

The survey closed on Monday 30 April.


National Student Survey 2017

The National Student Survey (NSS) 2017 opened on 16 January to final year undergraduates.


National Student Survey 2016 

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