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Personal Tutor Handbook - Student Support Services

Additional Support and Disability Advice (ASDAC)

Nuffield CentreASDAC takes a proactive approach in ensuring that disability-related issues do not prevent students from fully demonstrating their potential.  Students may declare a disability on their UCAS application form, on their registration form or on their ILP.  ASDAC will assess the students’ disability-related needs and help them arrange appropriate support.  They will agree adjustments to examinations and assessment methods; help in arranging note-taking, mentoring, interpretation and other personal support services; and provide screening for dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.  They will advise on applying for the Disabled Students’ Allowance and provide specialist study skills support, assistive technology, and related specialist training as necessary.

ASDAC advises departments, examiners and tutors in respect of specific needs and reasonable adjustments to teaching and learning processes.  As a Personal Tutor/Unit Coordinator/Course Leader you will be able to obtain reports from your administrator (or Departmental Disability Liaison Officer) giving details (where students have agreed to the information being disclosed) of:

•  The nature of the student’s disability.

•  What exam concessions have been agreed.

•  What support they will require from tutors.

•  Details of any personal building evacuation plan arrangements.

You can also access the information on concessions, support and evacuation plans directly (filtered by Unit code) through Oracle Discoverer Desktop 9.0.4 (Report 1156, Disability Support Details).  To gain access to the report you will first need to be trained in running Discoverer reports by one of the University’s Student Records Advisers (contact

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