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Common issues for students with disabilities

Nuffield CentreDisclosure remains an issue, with just over 70% of the new disabled entrants in 2008–9 declaring their disability on application. A further 16% delayed their declaration until enrolment and 6% disclosed for the first time on filling out their ILP. The remainder disclosed as the year progressed. This has a significant impact, not only on the student themselves through delays in getting support in place, but also on notifying academic and support staff of relevant implications in a timely manner.

Practically all students who delay disclosure admit that they did so because they believed declaration would compromise their chances of being offered a place. For all UK students on HEFCE courses, their assistive technology and personal support needs are provided through funding from the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). Over half the disabled students at the University are in receipt of DSA, but of these less than 30% had secured DSA before enrolment, with similar implications for the timely provision of support. As an example, a significant proportion of dyslexic students do not receive assistive technology support until the second semester of their first year at University. A worrying proportion of disabled students still report unavailability of lecture notes before the session commences and a refusal to permit recording of lectures, even though both have been specified as necessary reasonable adjustments.


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