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Personal Tutor Handbook - Student Support Services

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Student services careersThe academic language and study skills required for university study in the UK are very demanding and may be daunting for international students.  If any international or European students are having language difficulties in written or oral work, you can refer them to the EAP programme for help.  Programme organisers will discuss with you/your tutees how best they can be supported. 

The EAP programme offers academic English classes free of charge to all students for whom English is not their first language.  Students can choose two of the following courses per semester: academic orientation, essay writing, dissertation writing, critical thinking skills, presentation skills, grammar & academic style and using reading to support your writing.  These may be credit rated.  There are separate courses available to postgraduate students.  Classes are in small groups where students are able to discuss their difficulties with both the lecturer and with other international students.  The EAP programme also offers support on an individual basis through the EAP tutorial system. 

The EAP team may also be able to set up specific classes for students from the same course and run the class in close liaison with the students’ home department. 

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