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Personal Tutor Handbook - Student Support Services

eLearning support

Student services IT resourcesThe academic year 2012-13 is a transitional one for the University's virtual learning environment: students at Level 4 and Level 7 will use Moodle exclusively whereas students at Level 5 and Level 6 might have units in Moodle or Victory. Student support materials for Moodle and related elearning technologies such as Turnitin can be found within Moodle itself (under the 'Help Sites' menu at the top of the Moodle My home page). Alternatively, if students have any questions, they can contact the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team on 02392 843355 or via The TEL team will be happy to respond to questions on Moodle, Victory, or other supported elearning technologies.

Each faculty is supported by Online Course Developers, who are physically located within the Faculties. Online developers are experts in web technologies, multimedia and the university eLearning systems, such as Moodle.  Academic staff are encouraged to ask online developers for help and advice. They are available to solve both quick problems and also to support academic staff on longer term eLearning projects.