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Maths support – The Maths Café

Maths Café: SeminarsThe Maths Café provides a friendly, accessible environment where students can come for free extra help or advice on matters relating to the maths and/or statistics on their course.  The Maths Café can help Any student – from either an arts or a science discipline and from Any level of study.  The sessions are tailored to the needs of the students.  Some students have a one-off quick question-and-answer session, whilst others become Café regulars over several weeks or even months.  Tutors will offer one-to-one tutorials, or work with groups of students with similar difficulties.  During term time sessions are available Monday to Friday, with no booking required.  During the resit period we operate a booking system. Students can be referred to handouts, workbooks, computerised self-help packages and web based elearning material.  The Maths Café Moodle course gives details of resources available.  The Maths Café team appreciate receiving copies of current maths-related resources for your units as these enable us to use appropriate terminology and deliver support at the right level for your students.

The Maths Café provision means that if you have a student with a maths or stats problem, you can suggest somewhere they can get help, at a time that suits them.  You can also request the Maths Café to provide a seminar on a particular topic applicable to one of your units. The Maths Café aims to build student confidence and to ensure that they can continue with their course better prepared to succeed.  All of the services are also available to staff to support their teaching and research. 

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